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We take literature and reading seriously. Much valued by guests, the library occupies a space attached to the front desk on the ground floor. It maintains the historic feel of the region with light brown shelves and modern designer chairs. Today it holds more than 2000 titles thanks to generous  long-time guests, who continue to donate books to the growing catalogue.

It spans multiple genres. The collection is evolving to a form of high quality general library. Particularly it holds authors from A to Z, such as Austen to Zafzaf. It seeks to cater for the enjoyment of guests as well as, in the future, for more serious study and research. It comes complete with vertiginous, tightly packed bookshelves that focus heavily on literature and social sciences.


The library receives regular titles as donations from guests and supporters.

Aside from new acquisitions  and certain reference books, volumes in the collections are available for guests to borrow.

Back in the former photography studio, guests can spend hours browsing sets of  magazines—both national and international titles.

Contact us at +212 707 83 85 87 to plan your stay today or book your at Dar Gonzo Resort & Spa, your ultimate alternative to Marrakech Hotels.

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